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Support Children like Marc


Have you wondered what would happen if you didn’t have access to enough food to feed your child and give them the foundation for their learning? What if the food you had access to didn’t have enough nutrients to help your child grow and study?

For Angélique and her five children, this situation became their reality. They had to leave their home in one area of the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to conflict.

It became difficult for her and her children to access enough nutritious food to eat. In April, she gave birth to her youngest children, twins. The pregnancy was high-risk and tragically one of the twins died shortly after birth. When Marc was four months old, Angélique noticed he was losing a lot of weight - from 2.1 kg at birth to 1.8 kg - and she was concerned for his health.

Thanks to many of our caring friends who have supported this project, Marc was able to receive the life-saving treatment he needed at an intensive therapeutic unit in Saint Benoit that provides specialized treatment with therapeutic food and milk for children experiencing malnutrition.

“Without any hope of seeing him survive, and always remembering the death of his twin, I was reassured by the providers that my son’s life would be saved,” says Angélique. Imagine the relief she must have felt at knowing her son was receiving the treatment he needed. While he was being treated, Angélique learned about how to create nutritionally dense food, like high-energy porridge, for him to eat at home so he could continue regaining his health. After two weeks of treatment, Marc weighed 3 kg and Angélique was able to take him home.

Your gift will provide life-saving, ready-to-use therapeutic food and milk to children who need it to survive.

With your help, intensive therapeutic units, like the one Angélique and Marc visited, will be stocked with therapeutic food, milk and medications that are needed to treat more than 3000 internally displaced children who are malnourished. You can make it possible for parents and caregivers like Angélique to learn new ways of preparing nutrition-rich food at home.

Your gift will be matched on a four-to-one basis, thanks to CLWR’s membership in the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and the support of the Government of Canada. This means your gift will have four times the impact!