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A little girl with a big heart

Last Christmas, 6 year old Summer Meger decided that she didn’t want a present for herself. Instead she wanted her Christmas gift to be a charitable donation.

Summer’s father told her that he was proud of her and she said, “Well dad, I never go to bed hungry. I always have lots to eat and everything I own is a gift. I don’t just mean presents I unwrap. I mean everything, and some kids never get that”.

Summer was inspired by her parents who had decided that for Christmas they would donate to charity in each others’ honour. Following the example of her parents Summer told her grandmother that she wanted to give to charity as well. Her grandmother showed her CLWR’s Gifts from the Heart catalogue and Summer was able to choose which gift would be given in her honour   

Summer’s mother is proud that at such a young age she isn’t just thinking about herself, instead being grateful for what she has and showing concern for people in need.

“We were so touched by her generous heart,” said her Grandmother. “I hope she never changes.”

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