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Hisham al-Miqdad’s childhood was shattered when war came to Syria. But today, things are different. Hisham’s life has changed, and he’s using some little paper shapes to do the same for others.

But he needs your help.

As students in Canada prepare to head back to school this fall, we want you to be inspired by Hisham’s story and then ask yourself whether you can give another child the same chance Hisham got — the chance to learn in a safe, supportive environment.

Watch Hisham’s story:

How are little paper shapes helping transform a school in Jordan?

Here’s where your part in the story comes in.

Jordan is home to 670,000 displaced Syrians, many of them children who are are still going to school in environments that no child should have to learn in. You have the opportunity today to give a child like Hisham the chance at a real childhood, which starts with going to school in a safe, supportive environment.

For just $46, you can put your faith in action and change the life of a child in Jordan who has been touched by war.

But first, we want you to take three minutes to fold your own origami shape! 

While you do, think about Hisham and his classmates and say a prayer that they’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow, to move past the trauma of war, and to begin to dream again.

All you need is the instructions below and a square piece of paper, about 6”x 6”. (Origami paper that’s coloured on one side works great, but any paper you have nearby will do!)

Download the instructions here:

Show your support for Hisham and students in Jordan with your own origami dove