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Lent Appeal: Give life-saving support to families

A young Ethiopian mother sits with her three-year-old daughter

It’s been three years since Maliha had to run from her village in Ethiopia, 13 years old and pregnant. Now, she’s living alone, caring for her daughter and a disabled relative.

This Lent, we’re asking you to change Maliha’s life.

At just 16, Maliha has shown strength and resourcefulness. Through tragedy and suffering, she has adapted and found a way to care for those who count on her. But a 16-year-old girl shouldn’t have to bear so much alone.

It doesn’t take a lot — in the community where Maliha has found temporary shelter, just $36 provides the critical supplies she needs to take care of her family.

It’s been three years since Maliha fled from her home, and her young daughter has only ever known life in their temporary settlement. Their needs are urgent and critical.

Your support accomplishes so much because we work with people like Maliha to determine what they need most, and because we’re committed to addressing the root causes of people’s suffering. In Ethiopia, where Maliha and her baby sleep under a tarp roof, your gift will go beyond temporary needs. You will provide the support families need to begin rebuilding, to grow their own crops, and to find income. You will also provide special care and protection for young women like Maliha who are especially vulnerable.

Our fiscal year ends on March 31, so right now, this month, we’re making critical decisions about how many people we’ll be able to reach in the next year. But ultimately, it’s a decision that’s in your hands. As we plan for the year ahead, we see dry seasons coming up in countries that are already experiencing food shortages. We see a young girl like Maliha, forced to flee by a conflict that has nothing to do with her. And we look ahead to unknown disasters this year — famines, floods and earthquakes, which shatter thousands of lives.

Your support is the reason we will be able to respond. As we consider what we can do this year, we invite you to do the same, and respond as generously as you can.