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Everyone has to eat. Meals are a time of connection, fellowship and often lively conversation. Many families and friends try to plan meals together. Churches, businesses and schools hold special banquets and gatherings around food. As Canadians, we are blessed with enough to eat that we can share our blessings with others. 

Make Room at the Table is a way for you to make a place at your table and connect with refugees—to invite them as guests and to share a meal with them. It is an opportunity to welcome the stranger into your home. 

Through the experience you will learn more about refugees, pray for those who have been displaced, and give from your blessings to help provide shelter, food, water and other crucial support to refugees supported by CLWR

Download your copy of Make Room at the Table

Make Room at the Table: A group activity for World Refugee Day

How does it work?

Participants are asked to set an extra plate at the table for one of the refugee “guests” included in the resource. The empty plate serves as a reminder of the needs of refugees. 

Before the meal, those gathered read the guest’s story. You could also include one of the biblical stories related to refugees and meal. 

Following the story, participants say a prayer for blessing and comfort for the refugee and to give thanks for the food.

Those gathered for the meal could be encouraged to donate $15—the cost of an average restaurant meal—to support CLWR’s work with refugees. Click here to make a donation.

Are you making room at the table? 

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