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August was a busy month for the We Care Program, with not one, but two shipments departing the warehouse! The containers were loaded out of our Winnipeg warehouse.

Johannesburg shipment

The first shipment, a 40-foot-high cube container, is destined for Johannesburg, from where it will support programs in South Africa and Lesotho. South Africa experiences extreme weather patterns due to climate change, with temperatures going as low as -4 degrees celsius. The contents of the shipment will support groups such as Orphans for Lesotho, many schools and other organizations in need. South Africa has many destitute families, many of which are child-headed households. 

The container was loaded by CLWR staff and a few volunteers. Pictures of the loading day can be viewed here. All together this shipment included over 4000 quilts and blankets, 1,479 baby blankets, 6,505 We Care kits (2692 of these were Learning and Living kits!), as well as 50 hygiene buckets. Large supplies of toothpaste, soap, toys and sundresses were also included.

View photos from the container loading

Swaziland shipment

The second container was loaded a week later, also out of our Winnipeg warehouse location. This was a 20-foot container destined for Swaziland. This shipment will support the same partners from Lesotho/South Africa, who are also in desperate need in Swaziland. Swaziland is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in a long time. This shipment of donated material is coming at a very crucial time when there is a lot of unemployment and strife. The donation of material aid goods will help support those affected by the drought.

This container contained over 1,260 quilts, 570 baby blankets, 3,751 We Care kits, 40 hygiene buckets, as well as a large supply of soap, toothpaste, toys and sundresses.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this shipment possible with all your kind and generous donations to the program! The items included will certainly be very well received.