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Meeting the immediate needs of people affected by humanitarian crises and providing emergency relief following a natural disaster

CLWR provides humanitarian assistance to refugees and internally displaced people who have had to leave their homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, such as in situations of conflict, their departure can be sudden and there isn’t enough time to pack the items they need. Not knowing how long they’ll be away from home can also be a challenge.

We work primarily with refugees and internally displaced people to ensure that their immediate needs are met and support them as they adjust to their new circumstances. The construction of shelters and latrines keeps people safe and healthy. Job training provides new ways of earning an income so people can support themselves and their families. Food assistance helps families meet their food and nutrition needs and cash assistance helps families cover expenses such as rent and healthcare.

In the long-term, our sustainable development projects help equip people with the resources and skills they need to meet the needs of their communities.

Emergency relief

Following a natural disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon, CLWR helps meet people’s needs in the short-term ranging from food and water to shelter to hygiene kits. In the long-term, we support people as they strengthen their livelihoods and prepare for future disasters that may occur.

Where we work

Currently, CLWR has humanitarian assistance, emergency relief and development projects in the following countries:

Cheeta Hembram

Your support in action

When monsoon rains caused the river near Cheeta’s home to flood in August 2017, she lost the contents of her small grocery store and most of her household belongings. She only had time to gather some money before seeking refuge. Thanks to you, Cheeta received emergency food, blankets and kitchen utensils while she spent three days waiting in a nearby school for the water to recede.

When Cheeta returned home, she found her house destroyed and everything inside damaged. Thanks to your support and funding from Global Affairs Canada and the Humanitarian Coalition, Cheeta’s home was rebuilt. She also received support to reopen her grocery store.

And she’s not the only one. You made it possible for 200 families to return to rebuilt or repaired homes. Through employment opportunities that rebuilt community infrastructure, 550 families had an income again. Through the restoration of latrines and water pumps, Cheeta and others affected by the flood have better access to safe drinking water and hygienic latrines. 

Your caring concern for Cheeta and her neighbours brought a smile to her face. Thank you! 

With files from Lutheran World Federation Nepal