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Rebecca Abbo returned to find a damaged and empty house in Yongoro village, western Central African Republic. (IMAGE: LWF/P. MUMIA)

Dates: 2018-2019

Funder: Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Implementing Partner: Lutheran World Federation Central African Republic

Expected number of beneficiaries: 1,236 households (or approximately 6,180 people)

This project will provide immediate food assistance to vulnerable displaced people, returnees & host communities in Paoua in the Ouham Pende prefecture, an area of Central African Republic which has been classified as a level 5 food emergency - the technical classification for what we know as famine. 

Because of consistent violence brought on by civil war, many families have been unable to access their farmlands in order to provide for themselves, leading to stunted growth and chronic malnutrition in their children. Returnees have found their homes looted and their farming tools stolen, making it impossible to harvest crops. In most households, families are surviving on only one meal a day, with women often going without so that their children can eat. 

With the help of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and LWF Central African Republic, food vouchers will be distributed to 1,236 households in the hopes of counteracting this crisis. 60% of these vouchers will be given to women and girls to off-set their unique challenges and greater risks. 

Why Food Vouchers? 
Vouchers are frequently a preferred form of humanitarian assistance for a variety of reasons: 
1) Vouchers allow families to feel empowered by giving them the ability to choose their own food
2) Vouchers reduce the risks of robbery as household members are not carrying cash on them. Also, vouchers are only redeemable by the households chosen for this project
3) Vouchers reduce overall costs as cash or direct food distribution require additional security due to concerns related to moving goods of value 

Interested in learning more about this project? Call us anytime at 1-800-661-2597